Vox will vote in favor of the Cs candidate for the presidency of the Parliament

Vox will vote in favor of the Cs candidate for the presidency of the Parliament

The 12 parliamentarians of Vox will vote tomorrow to the candidate of Citizens to the Presidency of the Andalusian Parliament, according to the agreement reached between PP and Vox.

According to sources of the PP have informed Efe, this party and Vox have reached an agreement so that Vox votes to the candidate of Citizens to the presidency of the Andalusian Parliament.

The agreement will also mean that Vox will have a voice and vote at the table "and there will be a majority of the forces of change in the Bureau of the Parliament," according to the same sources.

The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has pointed out on twitter that once PP and Citizens have officially asked for Vox's support, this party can say "that there is agreement".

Abascal has indicated that the presidency of the Parliament will be for Citizens "and the majority of the Bureau will be for PP-Cs-VOX, as the Andalusians voted".

He has specified that the agreement, for the time being, is limited to the composition of the Board, and that Vox supports an investiture "as is logical, they will have to listen and attend to what was voted by 400,000 Andalusians."

"From tomorrow we will begin to talk about that political change," Abascal said.

According to the leader of Vox, the parties "will leave aside strange pirouettes that we have seen these days, and will face this phase with more seriousness and transparency than they have done so far".

Abascal concludes that Vox "reiterates that it will not be an obstacle to change, but neither will it be a carpet."

This announcement comes after Adelante Andalucía has announced that it rejects the pact to enter the Table after the proposal of Citizens.

If Adelante Andalucía does not want that offer, the chair of the Table would become for Citizens.


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