March 4, 2021

Vox will vote in favor of Ayuso being president of the Community of Madrid but promises to be "vigilant" in the opposition

At a press conference in the Regional Chamber, after holding a 15-minute meeting with the president of the Assembly, Juan Trinidad, Monasterio has moved his willingness to "vote favorably in the next plenary so that there is a government and that the president is Ayuso ", thanks to an agreement with Cs and PP who have agreed to" agree with Vox ".

"We do not assume the program of 155 points of Cs, but they are going to assume ours and we hope that in the next months and years they will be respected and governed by Madrid in an agile way, so that they stop being squandered in entities, the protection of the families, the birth rate is encouraged and the illegal immigration is controlled. And thanks to the fact that Cs and PP have assumed these points we will be able to carry out this legislature successfully ", he has celebrated.

As for what their requirements will be in order to support regional budgets, Monasterio has assured that they are the same as those in the pact that have delivered to PP and Cs and that budget items will have to be reflected in the "tax cut," subsidy control, family promotion "so they can get ahead.

"We will be vigilant and we do not enter the Government because we play a better role in the opposition. We will demand compliance with our measures because we are not in a government that not only distributes armchairs but creates more, which means greater public spending for all of Madrid, "he criticized.

On the other hand, as to whether he knows of any date in the face of the Plenary of Investiture, he has assured that it has not yet been finalized by the president of the Chamber until the rounds of contacts end on Tuesday.

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