February 25, 2021

Vox warns PP and Cs in Madrid that they will have to assume their program

The spokeswoman for Vox at the Madrid Assembly, Rocío Monasterio, confirmed on Monday to the president of the regional Parliament his support for the investiture of the popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and has warned that although they do not assume the program agreed by PP and Cs, These parties will have to take on Vox.

"We do not assume the 155-point program but they are going to assume ours," Monasterio said at a press conference at the Madrid Assembly after the meeting with the president of the Chamber, Juan Trinidad.

The Vox leader has reaffirmed the "strong opposition" that will make the coalition government and has criticized the future coalition government between PP and Cs for creating "new armchairs" by adding more councils.

"We do not want to be in a government that not only distributes armchairs, but creates new armchairs. We are not supporters of a government that goes from nine to thirteen councils," said Monasterio, who has denounced the "expense" that it entails for Madrileños.

"We believe that we do a better role in the opposition watching what PP and Citizens do. We are going to demand compliance with our measures," he stressed in relation to the document he presented last Thursday to unlock the investiture and that they finally accepted both verbally the popular ones like the orange party.

The points of that document, which lowers the initial demands of Vox, will join the 155 measures agreed between PP and Citizens in their government pact, to which the Monastery party has not acceded because it "does not agree" with some of them.

The regional spokeswoman for Vox hopes that "in the coming months and years of the legislature the points of the agreement that has included its formation will be respected.

Tax reduction, debt reduction, "stop wasting" in public entities, family protection, encourage birth, control "illegal" immigration and defend freedom in education are the general lines of the requirements posed by Vox .

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