June 14, 2021

Vox suspends the senator accused of sexist violence

Vox has suspended his senator for Ceuta Juan Ros Alcaide, denounced by the Civil Guard for an alleged case of sexist violence for allegedly assaulting his partner, a 61-year-old woman.

Senator Juan Ros Mayor is one of the three senators that Vox has in the Upper House, integrated in the Mixed group, and among the commissions to which he is attached are the Justice, Equality and also the Special Monitoring Commission and Evaluation on the State Pact on Gender Violence.

The formation headed by Santiago Abascal has announced its suspension of militancy this Wednesday through a message spread on the Twitter account of the Vox parliamentary group in Congress.

“In Vox we have immediately suspended the senator accused of assaulting his wife of militancy,” he says in this message, which refers to the line following the conviction for ill-treatment of the president of the PSE, José Luis Eguiguren, in 1992.

Vox adds that in the PSOE “they have been condemned for 29 years with Eguiguren for beating his wife without having been expelled”, and concludes the tweet: “Some take longer than others.”

As soon as it was known that Ros Alcaide was being investigated by the Civil Guard, who could not stop him due to his parliamentary immunity, the PSOE spokesman in Congress, Ander Gil, requested the resignation of his senator act, a requirement that has been added Junts per Catalunya.


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