July 5, 2020

Vox says that in Cs they are "disengaged" by electoral polls

The general secretary of the Vox group in Congress, Macarena Olona, ​​said on Thursday that in Cs they are "disenchanted" by the results of the latest electoral polls, some of which put the formation of Albert Rivera in fifth position.

This is what the study says that the newspaper El Mundo publishes this Thursday, done by Sigma Dos.

Draw a picture in which the PSOE would move in the numbers of seats that it achieved on April 28, the PP would increase to remain above the 90 deputies, United We would go down slightly, Vox would rise a little, up to 28 seats, and Cs would sink to fifth place.

For that fall of the party of Albert Rivera, about 16 percent of the votes in April to 10 percent that could be harvested in November, they have asked Olona at the press conference he has given at the Congress of Deputies.

In his opinion, in the "orange" organization they are "disengaged", because they "do look at the polls", unlike Vox, for whom the reliable survey is "the affection of the people".

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