Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

Vox received in its beginnings more than one million euros of Iranian exile

Vox recibió en sus inicios más de un millón de euros del exilio iraní

Vox received more than one million euros from the Iranian exile. This is how the newspaper affirms it today The country After analyzing a secret spreadsheet of donations from the far right party. The first president and founder of the formation, Alejo Vidal-Quadras has admitted that "Iranian exile funds not only served to pay the European campaign of 2014, but also to start up Vox ".

The first transfer of the supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (CNIR) was made to a common Vox cashier on December 17, 2013, the same day they were registered in the political party registry. In total the party that now leads Santiago Abascal received 1,156.22 euros, with those who paid for the 2014 campaign, the bail and rent of their headquarters in Madrid, the salaries of the staff, furniture, computers and the salary of Abascal himself.


The CNRI raised funds in fifteen countries

The CNRI, which had an armed wing that figured until 2012 in the list of terrorist organizations in the United States, was collecting funds for Vox in fifteen countries, including Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA. and Canada. "Abascal was aware of everything, I explained my relationship with the CNRI and told him that they would finance us. It seemed good to him. He was delighted and did not make any mistakes, "said Vidal-Quadra, who left the game in 2015.

Last Monday Abascal affirmed in an informative breakfast that all the funds of the training have been audited by a company and delivered to the Court of Accounts. Guaranteed the legality of the VOX financing system.

Vox has burst onto the Spanish political scene after its success in the Andalusian elections

Vox has burst onto the Spanish political scene after its success in the Andalusian elections
(Jose Manuel Vidal. / EFE)

As published today The country, the Iranian exile stopped contributing money to the Spanish extreme right just before the start of the European campaign of May 2014. In addition, Vidal-Quadras points out that the CNRI only organized the collection, "the donations did not come from the organization, but of supporters of the CNRI. From a very diverse community in exile. "

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