January 20, 2021

Vox Pontevedra justifies the use of the swastika in networks and argues that “in Sanskrit it means well-being”

Vox Pontevedra’s Twitter account got into a debate on Tuesday about the swastika symbol. He did it to defend its use by one of his followers. “In the archaic language of Sanskrit, the swastika means well-being,” argued the official profile of the far-right formation in the Galician city. But a quick review of the publications of the account with the swastika reveals photos of NSPD congresses, racist comments and retweets of Santiago Abascal.

The discussion jumped to the networks when another account affected Vox Pontevedra that one of his followers wore a swastika in the header of his Twitter. “My mother with the people who follow the friends of Vox Pontevedra,” he ironized with a link to his account. The far-right party’s response included the mention of Sanskrit and added that the swastika had also been used by “Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, and is presumed to be of Indian origin.”

“It inspired the first western travelers in Asia, by its ancient and positive associations, and they began to use it in their lands,” he added. Vox Pontevedra continued its publications on Twitter with screenshots of information about its “condemnation of the Jewish Holocaust” and the motion they presented in this regard in the municipalities where they are represented.


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