March 5, 2021

Vox opens up to support a single-colored government of PP in the Community of Madrid, before "the prudishness and asquitos" of Cs

Vox has opened this Monday to support only a single-colored government of the PP in the Community of Madrid, in the same line of what they have proposed in the Region of Murcia, before "the squeamish and aschy" they have from Citizens to meet them .

"The only thing that moves us is to defend ideas and not cheat our voters and we will continue to act." Vox's generosity is beyond doubt ", said the spokesperson for this formation in the Assembly of Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, in press conference, after PP and Citizens have presented this morning a government agreement outside their party.

Monasterio has shown his "perplexity" before the ways of proceeding of PP and Citizens, which he has called "little serious". Ensures that this pact has been presented without the 'popular' or even wait to receive back the document in which they worked with them, who were going to send them this morning.

"We do not think the way of doing things, we do not think the way to carry out a negotiation." We do not seem to respect the voters of Vox, which are rather slapped and seems to be wants to gag, "he has launched.

In addition, Monastery has criticized that by means of the agreement reached councils are distributed, and not only that but also have created "four more." "It must be that they have enough money and all the people of Madrid have enough to continue spending to infinity," he added.


Vox spokeswoman has defiled Citizens who apply the formula of "apartheid", to treat the voters of his party as if they were "plagued", while he has criticized the PP that is conducting a "policy of trileros" and that the candidate of this party, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, is "ducking her head" before the games of the spokesman of the 'oranges', Ignacio Aguado. This shows, in his view, "lack of leadership and lack of strength".

Thus, he stressed that Vox do not want seats, nor the direction of entities, nor be in the government, just ask that "do not muzzle" their voters, that they are not insulted as well as stop "already lying" and of "cornering those who also have the right to have their ideas respected."

According to Monasterio, what is being lived is "a lack of respect". At this point, she recalled that she has not met "with anyone from a Citizens negotiating team" in the Community, nor have they had more than "the coffee contact with Mr. Aguado". In this way, he has stressed, in addition, that although he is grateful that he wants to explain the agreement reached, they do not need his "guardianships".

At this point, has affected that today they have not given their support to Diaz Ayuso to go to a full investiture as a candidate and has reminded that until they do not will not occur.


Faced with this situation, Monasterio has maintained that he hopes that tomorrow the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, and that of Citizens, Albert Rivera, "have a good meeting" with the leader of their formation, Santiago Abascal, "and finally put on top the policy for the benefit of the Spaniards and the people of Madrid ".

He wants the three of them to "unblock" the situation of the Community of Madrid and stressed that from his party they are still willing to work "to infinity, with the same will to take this forward".

Vox spokeswoman has stressed that it remains "all summer" to move forward and stressed that for its part will not be lacking "effort" or a "stretched hand" to reach agreement before September, a month in which there is no consensus should be called new elections.

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