Vox linked the complaint of homophobic aggression to immigrants without questioning its veracity

Vox uses any loophole to stir up xenophobia and its anti-immigration discourse, the mainstays of its political strategy. And the false homophobic aggression in the Malasaña neighborhood of Madrid has been the last excuse that the far-right party has found to raise this discourse of exclusion. Santiago Abascal's formation condemned the alleged attack - from which the complainant retracted days later. by confessing to the Police that the injuries were consensual- and did not deny its veracity at any time, but linked it without any proof with "illegal immigration", one of the issues most used by Vox to try to obtain electoral revenue.

The young man from Malasaña who reported the attack confesses to the Police that the injuries were consensual

The young man from Malasaña who reported the attack confesses to the Police that the injuries were consensual

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For several days, party leaders led by their leader linked the denunciation of the aggression to the immigrants without any objective element to support it. The only thing that had emerged was that the police were investigating the events. On Tuesday, before the confession of the young man, Abascal condemned the "brutal homophobic aggression" while accusing the "progressive consensus" and its "media lackeys" of "silencing" many of these cases "not to mention the origin of the aggressors ", causing" the Spanish do not find out about most of these terrible events. "

Abascal was not the only senior Vox official who took advantage of the alleged aggression to link it to immigration. "We condemn violence, all violence. The violence that occurs daily in many places in Spain and what we ask is that the information be clearly stated. Violence, even if some blush and call you xenophobic and racist, has a direct cause. in Spain with the massive entry of illegal immigration, "Secretary General Javier Ortega Smith also said in an interview on TVE on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, hours before the young man confessed that the injuries had been consensual, his parliamentary spokesman, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, elaborated on the same idea, underlining his party's condemnation of "all the attacks that occur in Spain" and he insisted on the "effects" of illegal immigration for street safety. "We are not going to stop saying that thanks to the leftist elites that have filled the streets with immigrants, the level of insecurity has increased," added Espinosa de los Monteros, who announced massive complaints against those who link Vox with violence, whether they were politicians. or citizens through social networks.

In recent months, progressive parties, LGTBI associations and experts have cited the causes of the accumulation of homophobic aggressions The policies of Vox and the follow-up of the PP, which in its day appealed the law of equal marriage, is also preparing to take the trans law to court and which has opened to modify protection laws at the request of the extreme right.

More recently - and linked to the alleged aggression of Malasaña - the Minister of Social Rights and leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, and the spokesperson of Más Madrid, Mónica García, linked the increase in attacks with Vox and the alleged whitewashing of the PP. "After the two brutal LGTBIphobic aggressions in just 24 hours, the PP decides to take away El Hierro from the hate speech that the extreme right launches daily," said Belarra. "Governing with those who pour hatred, not disapproving of their speeches and not putting in place tools that the law requires crystallizes in the increase in attacks on the LGTBI community," Garcia said.

Following in the wake of Espinosa de los Monteros, Abascal responded to these statements on Thursday by announcing complaints against those who link Vox with violence. "Politicians, lackeys and spontaneous journalists from social networks who defame us and create the breeding ground for it to be said that we must be killed ... will have to answer in court for their crimes," he said in a message in his twitter account.

In addition, Abascal once again made a political use of the case, accusing the Government and its "media lackeys" of "feeding" a "crude hoax" to point out the formation. "The brutal aggression in the end turned out to be a crude hoax fed by the Government and its media lackeys to point out Vox. They have been cooking up the ban for months; that is why they place us in the focus of all their montages, from non-existent bullets to designer attacks" , wrote.

In full shock over Malasaña's alleged aggression, the party used the case of a young homosexual attacked in Toledo to presume that Abascal had been "the only political leader" who had been interested in the condition of that young man. "Two homophobic attacks and two very different reactions (...). Only Vox will guarantee the freedom and safety of all Spaniards," the extreme party released a message on its official Twitter account along with a photo of the young man next to the National Vice Secretary of Communication of the party and deputy, Manuel Mariscal, in a party headquarters.

In fact, the Marshal himself published another message in a personal account with the photo and in which he assured that he belonged to the party. “Miguel Ángel is gay and from Vox. We have been with him this morning to show him our full support. We are the party of law and order to guarantee the safety of all Spaniards, whether they are men or women, regardless of their sexual orientation, ”he wrote.

However, a day later, the young man denied Vox in an interview on the program Everything is a lie of four. “I am not a member of Vox. I do not have a Vox card or any other party, "he said. “At no time did I understand that it was said that I was from Vox for going there. Obviously, it has bothered me that it is said that I am from Vox, I have spoken with representatives of all political parties, "he added. As he explained in that program, he suffered the attack on the night from Saturday to Sunday and on Tuesday he went to the Civil Guard headquarters to attach his latest medical reports to the complaint.


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