Vox: "Let Gay Pride not be like 8-M for covid"

Congressional Health Commission. / EP

Criticism of deputy Mercedes Jara for linking monkeypox with homosexuality and 'chemsex'

Alvaro Soto

Vox deputy Mercedes Jara accused the Ministry of Health of "financing campaigns" of 'chemsex' (drug use during sexual intercourse) and linking it to the spread of monkeypox cases. “It is logical that if a person is drugged, they will relax the precautions and thus all kinds of diseases can be transmitted through fluids. Opposing 'chemsex', Vox does more for homosexuals than the ministry," said Jara, who asked Minister Darias to explain "what measures are you going to take so that Gay Pride is not the trigger date of the epidemic of monkeypox, as it was, according to the Carlos III Health Institute, on March 8, 2020 for covid-19«.

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, responded by asking Vox "not to stigmatize" any group for monkeypox, but the harshest intervention corresponded to the Citizens deputy Guillermo Díaz.

“It is outrageous to say that drugged homosexuals have spread the disease. The debris spread by some to attack a collective is unacceptable. It is urgent that this garbage be paid for. I don't think it's acceptable to calmly link 'chemsex' to monkeypox. In their obsession with homosexuality and the sex of others they do some things that alarm me", criticized Díaz, who has asked that Vox "be vaccinated against the smallpox of the dimwit"

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