August 7, 2020

Vox leader in Elche denounces her ex-partner for aggression and denies that it is gender violence – La Provincia

The mayor of Vox in Elche Amparo Cerdá has appeared this afternoon, as a matter of urgency, to explain that last May 3 filed a complaint for assault against his ex-husband, and has refused to acknowledge that it is a case of gender violence. The spokeswoman for the municipal Vox group of the City Council of Elche explained this afternoon that last May 3, she appeared in the police station of the National Police of Elche, but did so with the intention of putting a complaint of aggression against his ex-husband for a specific event, but that, at all times, he requested that the case not be treated as gender-based violence, since he did not consider himself a victim of this type.

Amparo Cerdá has insisted on several occasions that his case "is not gender violence", so as not to get out of the line of his party, who opposes the law against gender violence, and has said, immediately, that the National Police complied with the law and activated the gender violence protocol despite the fact that she consider "a victim of a physical aggression, and not a victim of gender violence, although the law defines me as a victim of gender violence."

In this way, the mayor of Ilicitana wanted to make it clear that "I have not used this complaint for personal gain, nor to obtain a benefit during a divorce case ", and has considered that, for her, a woman victim of gender violence is the one who" suffers an aggression or continued abuse in the interfamily environment ".

Finally, Amparo Cerdá has asked that the presumption of innocence is respected, although it was she who filed the complaint against her ex-husband.


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