Vox launches a manifesto for 8M, one day "thought by and for the extreme left": "Do not speak in my name"

"We are not victims and it represents a day thought by and for the extreme left, where the most repeated slogans speak of subverting the order of the world and where women are collectivized and presented as part of a social movement," he said the match.

The formation chaired by Santiago Abascal has highlighted that he is not represented by "a minister like Irene Montero". "He intends to impose a discourse that collectivizes us. That the totalitarian Carmen Calvo does not speak in my name, with his superb 'not pretty' and his derogatory way of treating all women who do not profess their ideology," the text points out.

Along the same lines, she has criticized the director of the Women's Institute, Beatriz Gimeno, for considering that heterosexuality "causes damage to women" or that lesbianism "is a weapon to use against men."

With this manifesto, the formation wants to celebrate the legacy of Spaniards such as Clara Campoamor, Concepción Arenal or Emilia Pardo Bazán, who taught that skills and abilities "do not depend" on gender.

"Do not speak in my name those who have a way of understanding the world that speaks of 'us together' but who condemns us for disagreeing with the dominant ideology," Vox said.

Likewise, he has requested that neither those who, under the banner of equality, describe a society characterized by violence, oppression and domination of men with respect to women, nor those who associate the feminine with wild".

The formation has also criticized those who "make environmentalism a political flag that can only be defended by the left"; to those who "dissolve borders when they talk about 'migrant women'"; to the Government of the Balearic Islands for "refusing to investigate the abuses of girls in their centers"; or those who "defend that the 'Spanish State' does not really protect women."

For Vox, true equality is achieved by "educating in respect between men and women, not indoctrinating in inequality." "I do not want the public resources of all Spaniards to pay a political agenda that is imposed on all in the name of women," says the text.

"I am a woman and I will not be docile, nor submissive, or quiet in front of all kinds of collectivization, in the face of a supremacist feminism that wants to impose what to say, how to think, what to do and how to treat our parents, husbands, brothers and children. In front of everyone and everything is enough of lies, "says the document.

Finally, the manifesto ensures that training will work "more than ever" to offer Spain "an alternative that has as its banner true equality in rights and freedoms."

This Saturday Vox affiliates have approved the accounts for the year 2019 with 95.9 percent, as well as the amendment of statutes, with 92.5 percent. In addition, the candidature headed by Santiago Abascal has been elected to chair the CEN.


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