April 18, 2021

Vox is upset because they have not been invited to the Goya

Vox is upset because they have not been invited to the Goya

The Gala of the Goya brings together the most iconic faces of the world of Spanish cinema in which many of them will be awarded for their participation in many films. The Film Academy decided not to include Vox in the guest list of the gala, something that does not seem to have been good for the formation led by Santiago Abascal. Before the news, Vox published a tweet ironizing the invitation of the Academy to his party to the gala.

But apparently, the thing has not been there and the political formation he has been annoyed for this situation in a public act in Toledo. "They have not invited us to the Goya, we did not want to go either," said Santiago Abascal in a public meeting, to which he added: "We're not going anywhere that insults everything we believe and everything we feel". However, Vox's criticisms of the world of cinema have not been there but has qualified the Spanish film industry "mafia". "Those who are not followers of the left are persecuted, pointing out, removing and expelling a part of the Spaniards and that causes the cinemas to be emptied"added Abascal.

In this moment of anger, Vox has posted a video on his Twitter account in which he made reference to the non-invitation to the Goya. "In the meantime we will continue to see Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson or whoever is missing", concluded Abascal with his criticism


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