June 23, 2021

Vox Guarantees Committee files affiliates of Valladolid who challenged the primaries for speaking with journalists

The Vox National Guarantees Committee has initiated a disciplinary proceedings against the five Valladolid members who challenged the primary process held by the party in July 2018 in the province, under the pretext of having aired what happened to the media.

This is reflected in the communication that the party led by Santiago Abascal sent on January 21 to the five affected in which, in addition to warning them that a sanction file is underway against them, they were also informed of the measure Precaution of suspension of all their rights as militants, as reported to Europa Press legal sources.

In fact, at the beginning of January the five critics received an SMS in which the National Vox Press Directorate warned that they were not “authorized to go to the media because they were not official party spokespersons”, as a way forward of what later would result in the opening of the aforementioned sanction file.

Those filed are the promoters of the lawsuit that this Monday, February 10, will present in the Court of First Instance number 5 of Valladolid in which they will request the annulment of the primaries held in July 2018, from which the Committee was elected Provincial Electoral, and the request for a new celebration to understand that they were rigged by incurring an obvious “violation of party statutes.”

In this procedure of civil protection of fundamental rights, the five critics will also ask the judge for the nullity of the file opened against them and the precautionary suspension of their rights as affiliates, something that, as they argue, is not included in the statutes and only It is applied in an exceptional way in those cases in which those affected are immersed in a criminal proceeding for corruption and only when the opening of an oral trial is dictated, something that is not present here.

The challenge of the primaries is due to the fact that Vox, whose officials the judge requested supporting documentation that the process had been legally developed, could not provide the minutes of the assembly of members, allegedly held on June 26, 2018, of which The Provincial Committee was elected, nor certify that all full members were summoned to it.


The justification of Vox Valladolid was then that there was no record of the assembly of affiliates because the election of the committee was “telematic” and “not face-to-face”, while claiming that on May 23, 2018, it sent the members of the Call for Convocation of Elections for the Provincial Electoral Committee, which were held on June 26 of the same year. “This procedure was carried out in accordance with the statutes in force to date,” he added.

The head of Vox out of this process, Sofía Muñoz, would later resign alleging that she had suffered a siege that had caused her “emotional instability and labor problems,” which gave way to the current manager presided by José Luis Uribe.


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