Vox goes back for the first time and stops counting in the community where the first government conditioned

Vox has not managed to match the polls or take advantage of the pull of an apparently strong candidate to be decisive in the next Government of Andalusia. With the absolute majority of the PP, the extreme right party clicks on its great challenge: to influence the Board. But with these data, it will also be irrelevant in Parliament. Macarena Olona has won 14 seats. They are two more than she obtained in the 2018 elections, but she remains far from the range of between 17 and 21 seats that the CIS gave her and, at this time, she remains three points behind 16% of votes that predicted the average of the polls.

The PP achieves the absolute majority in Andalusia

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In addition, it loses almost 400,000 ballots compared to the 2019 general elections. It is the first time that the far-right party has lost votes. And it does so in the autonomous community in which it first conditioned a Government of the Popular Party.

Macarena Olona arrived at the Andalusian campaign with controversy, after irregularly registering in SalobreñaY her figure has been deflating with the passing of days. The extreme right was decisive in the formation of a government, for the first time in democratic Spain, in Andalusia in 2018, when it facilitated the coalition of PP and Ciudadanos to reach San Telmo. During the last weeks, Vox has repeated on each occasion that his support for Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla to remain at the head of the Board would cost him his entry into the Executive. "If you just need a seat or the abstention of Vox to be president, it will not be if Vox is not within the Government, and it is not a matter of public office, but that either we are inside or it does not comply with what was signed" , Olona came to verbalize, in an attempt to reissue the pact between Vox and the PP in Castilla y León.

At the end of the campaign, this Friday, Santiago Abascal himself showed his "outstretched hand" to the PP. But, with the result of the PP, which has achieved an absolute majority, the role of Abascal's in the Parliament of Andalusia is diluted, if not directly irrelevant. With these numbers, Moreno Bonilla doesn't even need that abstention that Olona predicted. The far-right candidate resigned from her seat in the Congress of Deputies to stand for these elections. “Juan Manuel Moreno must be congratulated, but above all Andalusia must be congratulated. We said during the campaign, and today I reiterate it seeing the results, that the elections that we have held in our land have an evident national key”, the candidate has recognized.

Olona arrived with the intention of expanding Vox's electorate in Andalusia. The results of this Sunday in terms of the number of votes are better than those that the party obtained in 2018. If that year it obtained 395,000 supports, this day it has reached 490,000. However, this figure is very far from what the extreme right achieved in the 2019 general elections, when 869,000 people chose their role in this community. "Vox continues to grow," said Abascal, hiding behind the results of the latest regional elections, but ignoring those almost 400,000 people that he has lost since the elections that allowed Pedro Sánchez to reach Moncloa.

By province, those of Abascal add a deputy in Granada, where they have won two in these elections, and in Almería, the area that gives them the best result, with three seats. They maintain the one in Huelva, Córdoba and Jaén and the two they had in Seville, Cádiz and Málaga.

Vox's star candidate has been losing prominence in favor of Abascal. In fact, her agenda has been more relaxed than that of the rest of the candidates, especially the first week, when the party suspended several of its campaign events after the first electoral debate. In her farewell to the Congress of Deputies, she said that she did it in an "irrevocable" way. The renunciation of the act will not take effect until July 14, when the Andalusian Parliament is constituted, but it has already confirmed this Sunday that it will not return.

“I promised you, since Santiago Abascal honored me with the privilege of leading the candidacy for the presidency of Andalusia, that my dedication to you would be absolute, body and soul, and that is what I am going to do. That's what I'm going to do, that's what I'm going to dedicate myself to every day and I'm going to love you Andalusia, every day and every night, doing what we do best: working hard with clean hands and with our sleeves rolled up, because that's what we know do to defend the Andalusians in the Andalusian Parliament”, he said in his appearance after knowing the results.

With this result, it remains to be seen if the leader of Vox keeps her word and stays in Salobreña to lead a practically irrelevant parliamentary group or recovers the minutes of questioning the Government of Pedro Sánchez that has given her so much visibility in Madrid since 2019.

Vox has carried out in Andalusia a national electoral campaign. It has not even presented a program, which has been replaced by a brochure with a dozen measures, which in many cases go beyond its powers, are generalities or go beyond its powers. He has made the flag of the cut in subsidies to social agents announced by his party colleague and vice president of Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, and assured that he would close Canal Sur, the Andalusian public television, which is shielded by the Statute of Autonomy . He has also stated that he would repeal what the extreme right calls “ideological laws” and has spread hoaxes about indoctrination in textbooks.

Vox has had no complexes in this campaign when it comes to inviting the president and founder of the Italian neo-fascist Fratelli d'Italia party, Giorgia Meloni, to an event, in which the president of the party, Santiago Abascal, was also present. The Italian gave an exalted speech in which she stated that "there are no possible mediations". “Yes to the natural family, no to LGBT lobbies [sic]yes to sexual identity, no to gender ideology, yes to the culture of life, no to the abyss of death, yes to the universality of the cross, no to Islamist violence, yes to secure borders, no to mass immigration, yes to the work of our citizens, no to big international finance, yes to the sovereignty of peoples, no to the bureaucrats of Brussels”, he shouted to the standing applause and the kisses that Olona threw at him.

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