Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

Vox followers boycott a LaSexta reporter

The relationship between the most bitter followers of political parties and the media is increasingly tense. If not, tell it to Vox Y
The sixth
, which this Thursday have starred in a new live encounter when a reporter of the program
Better late
I had serious difficulties for report.

The events were happening in Valencia, where the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, was going to attend a campaign rally before the general elections to be held this Sunday, November 10. A place he went to The sixth to inform, although the assistants hindered their work to Ángela, the displaced reporter, by screaming and whistling.

The voice of the journalist was barely heard by the program's mic Better late presented by Mamen Mendizábal. A large number of Spanish flags occupied the plane in the second place, shaking, accompanied with shouts and whistles of hundreds of people They were in the place.

"Of course what we are seeing, Ángela, is that they will receive him effusively," Mendizábal picked up after the reporter moved trying to explain that the leader of the ultra-right formation was about to arrive at the place. "OR I don't know if they are only effusive when he starts talking The sixth
”, The presenter continued.

This will put an end to a chaotic connection between screams that, as the reporter Angela Vera pointed out, through her Twitter account, will not stop. "We will not stop informing. Like it or not" With these words, the reporter told her followers that what happened at Feria Valencia would not prevent them from doing their job. Although it is not easy.

In fact, it is not the first time that the game of Santiago Abascal prevents any media outlet from doing its job. Although officially. Media like Cadena Ser, El País,, infoFree, Public, La Sexta or El Plural, among others, have denounced Vox vetoes to their requests to attend their acts.

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