Vox encourages protests on the street and accuses Interior of sending the police to "intimidate" the neighbors

Vox has disassociated itself from the street protests that are emerging in some Spanish cities, especially in Madrid, but has transferred its support to all citizens who want to express their rejection of the Government and encouraged them to continue doing so, although always complying with the rules. of the alarm state.

Espinosa de los Monteros recalled that the only demonstrations promoted by Vox are those called on Saturday the 23rd in all the provincial capitals, to which citizens have been called to go in their private vehicles.

"But if people want to go out on their balcony or on the street quietly and peacefully, they have their right," he stressed, showing his "understanding" of these spontaneous acts of protest. "People who demonstrate without complying with the safety distance must submit to the regulations, he has acknowledged, insisting on his" encouragement "that Spaniards go out to protest" wherever they please. "

In addition, he pointed out that the biggest protests so far have been seen in Madrid, but has warned that the discontent will spread "very quickly" throughout the country. "It is a common sentiment that Spain is going through from cover to cover," he has also warned the government and "the liberticides" of Podemos that their attempts to end these protests will only succeed in "stimulating them and adding gasoline to the fire." In fact, it has held them responsible "for anything that happens".


Espinosa de los Monteros has directly alluded to the criticism of the spokesman for Unidas Podemos, Pablo Echenique, and reminded him that he lives in the Madrid neighborhood that is leading the protests. "It still bothers him that his neighbors demonstrate," he has ironized, noting also that the concentrations are spreading these days to other "richer" neighborhoods such as Pablo Iglesias.

At this point, Espinosa de los Monteros has accused the second vice-president of the Government of directing "unacceptable" insults at his political formation and has recognized that with this attitude it will be difficult for a consensus to emerge in the Reconstruction Commission.


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