September 25, 2020

Vox does not reveal if Abascal will be the one who rises to the rostrum to defend the motion of censure against Sánchez doomed to failure

Vox still does not reveal who will be the “consensus candidate” who will represent the far-right formation in Congress to defend the motion of no confidence announced in July by Santiago Abascal against the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez. The party’s spokesman, Jorge Buxadé, has limited himself to pointing out this Monday at a press conference, after ironing that “I will not be, I can assure you that” that decision will be made by “the parliamentary group” and it will be “the person better able to defend the alternative project to that of this social-communist government. ”

The arguments of Vox: a candidate

The arguments of Vox: a candidate “of consensus” so that the failure of his motion does not fall only on Abascal

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Buxadé has not revealed the date on which the initiative will be registered in the Lower House, but has assured that the party continues with its plans to “evict Sánchez de la Moncloa” “for consistency” and considering that it is “a national emergency and a necessity for Spain and the Spanish “.

The spokesperson for the far-right formation has stated that during the days that he has been on vacation, he has seen the motion of censure “in the street, on walks, on terraces, at meals, at dinners, on the coasts. from Almería, the Canary Islands, Murcia or the Balearic Islands. The Spaniards are making the motion to Sánchez every day, “he said. But the president does not go out to the streets precisely “so as not to hear the cry of Sanchez go now!”, Buxadé continued. Therefore, “Vox wants to give a voice in Congress to those who do not have it,” he added.

That said, it has not clarified whether there are already contacts with other groups to gather support for the initiative, which is doomed to failure since both the PP and Citizens from the outset have refused to support it. Despite knowing it, Buxadé said: “Santiago Abascal’s office is open to any deputy who is aware that it is a national emergency to promote an alternative policy to that of Sánchez and Iglesias.” “There is no other strategy designed. The interest of Vox only responds to that of the urgencies of the Spanish and the families, the self-employed or the SMEs”, has settled Buxadé.

In some internal arguments -which the different parties distribute to establish doctrine among the public offices- published by, the Abascal formation insists that “the interest of Vox is not to lead this motion of censure.” “This is a motion solely against the criminal government, without thinking of any other party. Its sole purpose is to combat separatism, communism, ruin and Sánchez’s lies.” For this reason they make it clear that “neither Santiago Abascal nor anyone from Vox has the slightest interest in leading a new government.” “The only interest of Vox is to serve Spain and the Spaniards, that is why we are open to agreeing with the rest of the forces on a solution that involves removing Sánchez and Iglesias from Moncloa and returning the voice to the Spanish people,” says the doctrine of the match.


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