June 22, 2021

Vox dictionary editors "touch the nose" that there is a party with the same name – La Provincia

Vox dictionary editors "touch the nose" that there is a party with the same name - La Provincia

The editors of the Vox dictionaries, more than half a century of trajectory, have admitted this Monday that "touches the noses" that there is a party with the same name, and They would prefer that their brand not be associated with politics. "We do not present ourselves to the elections, we dedicate ourselves to making dictionaries, to culture and to research," sources from the company have told Europa Press.

The Vox publishing house, based in Barcelona and integrated in the Anaya Group, has specialized for decades to the creation of monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, among them Latin, the language in which its name means 'voice'. The same word he used to call himself the party of Santiago Abascal, that this Sunday erupted strongly in the Andalusian elections Obtaining 12 seats, when it was founded in 2013.

As they explain in Vox dictionaries, their legal services studied the possibility of litigating for the brand after the creation of the political formation, although they finally discarded that option. "We have registered the brand to edit books, and we would prefer that there was no game with that name," they added, recognizing that they are not interested in arguing with a political formation.

"We are part of the collective imagination of several generations of students who have learned with our dictionaries," they claim from the Vox of books, which is defined as "multicultural because we work with languages ​​and behind each language there is a culture". In the catalog of Vox diccinaries are the classics of Greek and Latin, of foreign languages ​​such as English, French, German, Chinese, Italian and Portuguese, but also of all the co-official languages ​​of Spain: Galician, Valencian, Basque and Catalan.

The history of the brand, whose origin dates back to the 40s of the last century, is full of milestones such as the Illustrated General Dictionary of the Spanish Language (1945), the largest in number of definitions so far. "Behind every Vox dictionary there is a solid research work basic in lexicography, supported by collaborations with various universities and the advice and direction of prestigious lexicographers, "he explains on his website, www.vox.es.

However, despite an extensive trajectory of more than half a century devoted to training and study, Vox dictionaries they have not been able to escape the jokes that arise from their homonymy with a political party. "For example, the journalist Jordi Évole said that Vox was a game with the name of a dictionary," they comment from the editorial, where they have assumed that their famous slogan of the 70s, "Necesitas un Vox", has acquired new meaning.


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