Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

VOX denounces an assault on two of its members in Lorca (Murcia)

VOX denounces an assault on two of its members in Lorca (Murcia)

"The two members were working at the headquarters, which will soon be inaugurated in Lorca and will be the fourth in the Region, when two men and a woman began to revolt them, insulting them and threatening them with death, reaching physical aggression against them. two affiliates of VOX, "highlights the game.

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VOX Murcia has condemned "vigorously" this "cowardly aggression" and regretted that "this type of attitude has no place in our democracy."

"From VOX we will not tolerate that we are not allowed to express ourselves freely because we do not have to endure this kind of attitude of another century," says the party, which directly accuses "the extreme left of Podemos led by Pablo Iglesias who was who called to go out into the streets against us. "

"Even so, none of this is going to push back our aspirations, on the contrary, it reaffirms us that we are on the right track," says VOX, who says that "we will continue without fear or complex in the defense of our values "


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