January 18, 2021

Vox defends the vetoes of the media that it does not like

The deputy of Vox and councilor in the Madrid City Council, Javier Ortega Smith, defended this Thursday the vetoes that the extreme right has maintained since its foundation on media such as elDiario.es, Infolibre, The country, The world, Public, Tide or The Spanish.

Vox communication manual: "To complain about an asphalt, we link it with aid to feminist associations"

The Vox communication manual

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In a harsh scuffle precisely with a journalist from The country, and during a interview in the program The hour of the 1by TVEOrtega Smith has defended that these media are not allowed to enter the headquarters of the party chaired by Santiago Abascal to cover press conferences or follow other meetings.

“Because we believe in informational freedom, in informational veracity, in contrasted opinion, in objectivity, we cannot accept that media that have become propaganda pamphlets, political propaganda pamphlets (…) are reaching aberration. You do not they are journalists, they are political activists, propagandists of lies, “Ortega Smith told journalist Carlos E. Cue.

Previously, the informant from the Prisa newspaper had reminded the deputy that Vox “is not a private club.” “Last year they received 9.9 million euros of public money, their salary is public, Mr. Abascal’s salary is public, all the people who are watching this program finance Vox, the readers of The country they finance Vox. Do you believe in freedom of the press, do you believe in the right to information, do you believe in some of the fundamental elements of democracy? “, I had asked him.

Like other media, Vox did not let elDiario.es enter its headquarters to cover the electoral nights of the last elections held in all territorial areas. Nor does the extreme right allow this newspaper and the others mentioned above to attend the party’s press conferences, nor did it allow these media to enter the convention held on March 8 at the Vistalegre Palace in Madrid, claiming that ” does not collaborate “with them.

The strategy against the media

Practically since its birth, the Santiago Abascal party has targeted newspapers, radios and televisions that it considers not related. In April 2019, elDiario.es exclusively accessed to an internal document in which it was requested to reject interviews and stop attending the press that does not like. “There is never an obligation to grant an interview or to provide information to the media. Moreover, if it is a communication medium with little resemblance, it should be rejected,” says that text.

That same April 2019, the Vox communication team expelled a dozen informants from the WhatsApp group in which they reported their actions. Within the purged list there were media editors with very different editorial lines (El Español, Onda Cero, Cadena Ser, El Plural and eldiario.es).

Likewise, the extreme right resorted to insult when the editor who covers the information of Vox in elDiario.es addressed through WhatsApp the director of communication of the party, Manuel Mariscal, deputy for Toledo, to try to contrast information about the aforementioned internal manual of use of social networks. “Go spread out somewhere else,” Mariscal said to the editor.

Minutes later, the management of this newspaper contacted the head of Vox Communication to ask that, if they were not going to answer questions from elDiario.es, at least they treat their journalists with respect. The response of Mariscal, press officer and deputy, was the following: “I dedicate my time to working for our voters and for Spain. I am not going to dedicate a single minute to manipulators who use mafia techniques (pressuring or paying people to provide personal information about our people) or as paparazzi chasing us in our private lives. You are specifically a shame. You will have us in front of you. Always. ”

Journalists’ associations such as the Spanish Federation of Journalists Associations (FAPE) or the Madrid Press Association (APM) have repeatedly denounced Vox’s veto to the media.


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