Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Vox condemns what happened in the center of Hortaleza and rejects the criticisms received

The Parliamentary Group of Vox in the Assembly from Madrid he has condemned the events that took place inside the center of first reception of foreign minors of Hortaleza when meeting a
suspicious artifact – detonated without incident –
and has lamented that some parties blame them for what happened.

Vox sources have indicated that "they regret that some formations use such serious events to attack" their spokesman, Rocío Monasterio. “It is shameful that violence is used, unjustifiable in any case, for political purposes. We are waiting for the conclusions of the investigation of the State Security Forces and Bodies, ”they said.

In this sense, the Minister of Justice, Interior and Victims of the Community of Madrid, Enrique López, has condemned the facts and has shown his "deep concern" for "the politicization"Of" acts of this nature, "which he described as" clearly irresponsible. " This has been stressed on the occasion of the statements of the spokeswoman for United
We can IU Madrid Standing at the Madrid Assembly, Isa Serra, blaming the PP, Citizens and Vox for the "criminalization" against these minors.

“We must all be against hate speech and the use of violence. And this requires not to fit trenches and take advantage of these types of events to make demonstrations and political statements clearly irresponsible. Wherever they come from, ”López added.

In her Twitter account, Isa Serra believes that "criminalization of unaccompanied migrant children" has these effects. “How disgusting and impotence. Monastery, which points them out, is responsible, ”he has launched.

More forceful than the director has shown his Government partner. Citizens have labeled "very serious" what happened in the first reception center of Hortaleza and called Vox "irresponsible" for continuing "blocking the implementation of a regional pact for unaccompanied foreign minors.

For its part, Más Madrid has proposed to all parliamentary groups that an institutional declaration be read in plenary on Thursday regarding what they qualify as a “terrorist attack” in the center of unaccompanied foreign minors in Hortaleza.

“The protection of children, whatever country they come from, is a principle that crosses our societies and must be guaranteed by public authorities. Therefore, the rights of minors living in this and other centers of the Community, such as that of other children, are covered by the Convention on the rights of the child approved by the United Nations and by our legislation, ”have sustained since rows of More Madrid.

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