Vox compares the government resource for parental control with Nazi Germany

The parliamentary spokesman for Vox in the Regional Assembly of Murcia, Juan José Liarte, has compared the judicial appeal of the central government against autonomous parental leave with the action of the regimes of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

During his speech in the debate of totality to the Murcian budgets of 2020, which Vox will allow to carry out when accepting PP and Cs to apply that permission, Liarte has been “increasingly convinced” of the “goodness” of this authorization before the “ political and judicial offensive ”of the Spanish Executive.

"However, they have not had what they should have had to ensure that children can study in Spanish even in the last corner of the Spanish geography or so that girls protected by the public administration are not prostituted," he said .

"Neither in the USSR nor in Nazi Germany would have ever been allowed, under any circumstances, for parents to prevent the indoctrination of their children in the countervaluations of the dominant political party in each of these cases," he added to compare these regimes with the action of the Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, of judicially resorting to the permit.

Therefore, he clarified that the leaders who reject this authorization are also not willing to allow parents to “enjoy freedom that parents could not enjoy either” in those two countries during those times.

He has linked the existence of prostitution networks to supervised minors, such as the one investigated judicially in the Balearic Islands, with the “hypersexualization” of children at “ages that are not reasonable”, “previous step” so that these “mafias” can “ create the conditions of abuse that has now come to light. ”

He has cited as an example the ex-husband of the Valencian vice president, Monica Oltra, sentenced by the Provincial Court of Valencia to five years in prison for abusing a child under 14 who was under his tutelage.

In his Facebook profile, Liarte called the then Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, at the beginning of the legislature, which caused the opening of an investigation by the prosecutor.


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