September 25, 2020

Vox asks the JEC to urgently order the sending of its electoral propaganda

Vox has asked the Central Electoral Board (JEC) to “urgently” order the massive dispatch of its electoral propaganda, withheld by the Post Office because it considers that the electoral envelopes contain texts or drawings that violate fundamental rights.

The formation of Santiago Abascal has reported this Tuesday in a statement that it has submitted allegations to the complaint of Correos before the JEC, which has “hijacked” its electoral propaganda.

Explains that, to refuse to distribute the envelopes, Correos has invoked article 16 of its regulation, which prohibits postal items whose envelope contains texts or drawings that violate fundamental rights.

Vox defends, however, that their envelopes cannot represent any fundamental right injury, since “all of them have been extracted from publications that offered the data based on reliable sources, without the knowledge that any person has taken any action against the media that published them. “

As an example, he points out that Vox shipments to the voters of Galicia reproduce texts such as “The BNG separatists invited a terrorist group to their meeting in Santiago,” a news item, he says, which was echoed by various media outlets. communication.

Other envelopes are written “The Basque Country provides gender ideology to future teachers”, a phrase that the news bases on compliance with Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3, on Education, explains the training.

The shipments destined for the Basque Country also include “Rapes increased by 37% in the Basque Country, with an increase in crime of 7.8%” which, according to the published news, the source of origin of these data is itself Ministry of Interior.

Vox insists on the allegations presented before the JEC that these statements in the media were not denied, rectified or denounced, so that “in no way can it be considered as a violation of any fundamental right.”

In its brief, the training alleges that preventing the delivery of the envelopes with electoral propaganda violates fundamental rights such as equality and access to equal conditions for public functions and positions.

For Vox, the measure adopted by the Post Office of “motu proprio” to intervene in the postal mail is “absolutely disproportionate”, since “there is no basis for consistency to stop postal mailings”.

And he requests that the complaint be filed and ordered “urgently to the mass dispatch of electoral propaganda.”


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