Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Vox asks the Andalusian Government to paralyze any expense that is not strictly necessary

The representative of Vox for Almería has highlighted in a note that the group has always shown its support for the Government of the Board: “we have always reached out to him and we have always told him that we want to be useful in this serious crisis.”

Alonso has announced the measures proposed to the regional Executive, which will be discussed in the coming days. “We have moved the government to immediately stop any spending that is not strictly necessary,” he said.

This implies that all subsidies that are already granted or that are in a period of concurrence that are intended for associations, unions, political parties or groups “that do not have a direct or indirect impact on the economy, on employment are immediately stopped , in health or safety. “

“We have asked you to launch a helpline and subsidies for the self-employed, micro-SMEs and SMEs so that they directly result in the promotion of employment, training for employment and also help lines for vulnerable groups. We need a special urgent plan tax incentives and administrative streamlining that attract foreign companies to invest in Andalusia with the commitment to generate employment, “says Rodrigo Alonso.

And it has urged the Board to “an urgent and special plan” that strengthens “the fundamental pillars of our economy” such as agriculture, livestock, fishing, the service sector, the industrial, technological, digital, research, development and innovation and the tourism sector.

“We hope that they are put in place in order to get ahead and, as always, for the benefit of the general interest,” he says.


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