January 18, 2021

Vox again denies elDiario.es accreditation to cover the election night of 12J from its headquarters

Vox has again denied accreditation to elDiario.es to cover the electoral night next Sunday at its headquarters in Madrid. The extreme right wing formation sent a form a few days ago to all the media so that, through it, they requested their accreditation to follow the electoral count and the reactions of the main Vox leaders in the Basque and Galician elections on Sunday. Within the deadline –which was until 00:00 hours this Thursday–, the editor in charge of covering the Vox information in elDiario.es filled out and sent that form yesterday, formally requesting an accreditation that has been denied.

Vox asks Interior to put escorts to its candidates in Euskadi and Galicia in front of

Vox asks Interior to put escorts to its candidates in Euskadi and Galicia

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“We inform you that your application for accreditation to monitor the electoral night on Sunday, at the VOX National headquarters, has been rejected. Receive a cordial greeting,” was the response received by said editor this Friday.

Vox has already vetoed elDiario.es and other media in previous electoral calls and at all times has hindered its work amid insults, vetoes and threats. This newspaper also could not access the headquarters of the extreme right party on the electoral night of the generals on April 28, nor on that of the regional and municipal elections on May 26, nor in the generals of November 10. From the party they always reported that it was “discretionary acts”, the same justification made to veto access to other media.

In addition, the training chaired by Santiago Abascal has not allowed elDiario.es access to its headquarters to cover the press conferences offered since its birth. Nor has it credited this medium for its large rallies. In the case of the one that took place on March 8 in Vistalegre, accreditation was also denied to this newspaper and, once there, at the access control, the party’s press officers blocked the entry of the editor of the newspaper. It is he who was commissioned to cover this act alleging that “Vox does not collaborate with elDiario.es”.

On the occasions when Vox press officers have been asked from this newspaper about the party’s position on information on those issues that affected the formation, they have either not answered their questions or have indicated that they have not they had nothing to say.

The training, on the other hand, is obliged to answer the questions of the journalists of elDiario.es when it comes to press conferences organized by Congress, held in parliamentary headquarters.


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