Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Vox accounts hacked on Twitter with death threats to Abascal and Spanish flags burning

The party has announced that it has already denounced this impersonation before the National Police, which affects above all its Vox Sevilla account, where different messages against the party and Abascal himself have been repeated from the beginning of the day.

"I know where you live and where you move, you and your whole family. Be careful" or "If someone is willing to kill Santiago Abascal send me a private message (payment will be made in bitcoin) are some of the messages Against the leader of the formation.

The photos of the Twitter profile have also been manipulated to be replaced by images of the flag of Spain burning in the hands of hooded ones hidden behind Anonymous masks.

The hacker himself warns of the accounts that are being manipulated and has already added to his list the Vox profiles of Sevillian towns such as Lora del Río or El Saucejo. "Soon all will fall," he warns.

Numerous party leaders have denounced this action. "I encourage all followers to denounce this interference. Freedom of expression and respect for ideas has suffered another setback today. We continue to work for a better Spain," says Vox spokeswoman at the City of Seville, Cristina Peláez.

Also the deputy in Congress for Seville, Reyes Romero, echoes the 'hacking' and denounces that they are taking "the appropriate measures to solve the problem," which has also been denounced "before the competent authority."

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