Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

voting is the best way to fight against totalitarianisms

The president of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres (PSOE), considered this Sunday that "depositing the ballot at the polls is the best way to defend democracy and freedom against totalitarianism."

"The best weapon we have is to go to vote," Torres insisted after depositing his vote at the polls in a polling station in the municipality of Arucas, where he has also expressed his "desire" to "have definitive stability" in the Government of Spain and "soon have a government that may have four years ahead to exercise the policies that Spain needs"

Going to vote is "the best way to defend democracy and freedom against totalitarianism and against those who impose a unique position and want to make decisions outside of what the Constitution is," he stressed.

In the opinion of the Canarian president, what the country “needs” is an Executive who, “in relation to the Canary Islands, defends the most vulnerable families and has as a priority to end unemployment, have better health and better public education”, in addition to that "there are greater contributions for dependence and that we culminate with a much fairer and more equal Spain."

Also, Torres has called the "massive participation" of the canaries and canaries this 10N "same as last April 28", because this will be the best way to "defend democracy" in Spain.

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