Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Vote by mail: Are you on time?

¿Estás a tiempo de enviar el voto por correo para las elecciones generales del 28 de abril?

The correct answer to the question of the title is that it depends. It depends on if you are going to vote from Spain and if you are going to do it from abroad. If it's the first case, yes you're on time. According to emails and general electoral regulations, the deadline to request the vote by mail from Spain is between March 5 to April 18, so today, the eve of the start of the election campaign, you can still do it. But ... eye! You only have one week left to request it.

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Of course, it requires a series of steps. Mail request forms are available to voters at post offices throughout Spain. You must fill out the official application form and hand it in, free of charge, at any post office.

Once verified that everything is correct, the Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Census Office that corresponds to you, will send you the necessary documentation so that you can cast your vote, with which you will have to send the ballot and the rest of the required documentation - always following the instructions- to the polling station indicated. And you must do it as certified and urgent mail (also free of charge).

If, on the other hand, you were going to vote by mail from abroad, we have bad news. If you are a temporary resident (ERTA vote), your deadline to request a vote by mail ended on March 30th. On the other hand, if you are an absent resident (CERA vote), you must have verified that you are correctly registered in the lists and, if so, you must have received the documentation to vote before April 8 to the embassy or consulate. If everything has gone well, you can send your vote by certified mail to the Consular Office of Spain abroad in which you are registered, never later than next April 23.

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