'Vota Juan', the climber who did not leave Logroño to settle for Agriculture | TV

'Vota Juan', the climber who did not leave Logroño to settle for Agriculture | TV

Political humor is in Spain a difficult and exquisite art in which only the brave, the brainless or the most subtle poets stand out. The dilemma faced by anyone trying to cultivate it is how to parody or satirize what is already parodied or satirized at home. How to laugh at the Whiskers or those who celebrated their looting with "a dump truck" if they have already done all the work? It is more: any script that includes personages and facts of the Spanish policy of the last years would be despised by implausible and crude.

Maybe that's why there is no tradition in Spain of satirical fictions on TV at the maniera of the United Kingdom, absolute masters in the genre. The political humor in Spain runs in magazines, in cartoons, in sketches programs and, of course, in the parliamentary chronicles – where it appears nude and involuntary – but it has not been an argument for comic series. Vote Juan, released this week on TNT with the signing of a powerful triumvirate of comedy writers (Juan Cavestany, Diego San José and Víctor García León), is a pike in that territory so little trodden on. The series tells the rise of a pathetic and less scrupulous climber than the worst of the trileros who wants to take over the presidency of the Government from his marginality as Minister of Agriculture.

It is inevitable to compare it with comedy Veep, his little-concealed model (work of the absolute genius of political satire, Armando Iannucci), and although this is much more frenetic, witty and savage, Vote Juan resists very well The interpretations of Javier Cámara and María Pujalte, whose characters did not go to Madrid from Logroño to settle for agriculture, are sensational, the jokes connect very well with the daily delirium of the political chronicle and the tone is bufo but contained at the time, without loading the caricature. The hope of democracy is that Juan Carrasco will fail and return to Logroño, without this meaning, please, the failure of the series.


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