March 6, 2021

Volkswagen says goodbye to the production of its emblematic Beetle in Mexico

With a production of 1.7 million units of the Beetle model over 22 years, the Volkswagen brand on Wednesday dismissed this flagship car in Mexico this iconic car, which will be replaced by a new model.

The CEO of Volkswagen Mexico, Steffen Reiche, stressed that since 1997 when the production of the Beetle began, it was possible to have a unique model on the market that showed innovation, comfort and passion, and announced that the new product will be announced shortly. automotive of German origin.

"We have been the only plant in the world that has produced this model for two decades. (…) With the production of 1.7 million units, I believe that this model is undoubtedly one of the most iconic in the world, since the silhouette is unmistakable, "he said at an event to dismiss the production of this car at the plant in the city of Puebla, in central Mexico.

He assured that this manufacturing is of extreme pride due to the quality of the Mexican hands, while it managed to be placed in 90 markets around the world.

"With the Beetle we closed a cycle of our plant with an infinity of goals, since the future presents us with new challenges in which quality, love and detail must continue to be the key to success," he said.

The manager of the shipowner in Mexico said that Puebla is one of the most important plants and over the years has acquired great prominence.

He said that by 2020 there will be a new member in the production lines in Puebla, which will be announced in detail in the coming months.

Although he did not give more details of the model, the new vehicles are expected to be electric trucks.

During the event one of the 65 units that make up the special edition with which production closes was presented.

Some of these units will be offered online and will have a commercial value of 410,000 pesos (about 21,376 pesos), and will be sold within Mexico.

A commemorative plaque will be drawn up from 1 to 65, so that it can be distinguished that they are the last ones produced in Puebla.

The automotive industry is of enormous importance for Mexico, since it generates tens of thousands of jobs and is one of the main export markets, especially to the United States.

In fact, the automotive sector is the first source of foreign exchange for Mexico, followed by remittances that Mexicans living abroad, mostly in the northern neighbor, send their relatives.

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