Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Volkswagen proposes to pay 830 million to those affected by ‘dieselgate’ in Germany

The group Volkswagen has offered to pay 830 million euros to resolve a class action lawsuit in Germany which includes more than 440,000 customers looking for compensation for their cars with manipulated engines in the dieselgate
said a spokesman for the automotive group.

However, the agreement has not been finalized due to “exaggerated claims” on the fees of the lawyers of the German Federation of Consumer Associations (VZBV), which is carrying out this first class action lawsuit in Germany under the dieselgatethe spokesman added. The difference would be about 50 million euros that claim costs to lawyers and that the group does not see justified.

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Volkswagen accuses lawyers of exaggerated petitions

The first hearing of this trial was held in September at the Brunswick Regional Superior Court. The VZBV accuses Volkswagen of deliberately harming its customers when it secretly installed a device that makes a vehicle look less polluting than it actually is. Since the beginning of January both parties have negotiated a solution, which is not yet available.

The dieselgate exploded in September 2015, when the group admitted – after being discovered by investigations in the United States – to have falsified the software of 11 million cars. Since then he has faced an invoice of 30,000 million in legal expenses, fines and compensation, mainly in the US.

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