June 21, 2021

Volkswagen launches a dual FP plan and will offer 1,500 jobs in five years | Economy

Volkswagen launches a dual FP plan and will offer 1,500 jobs in five years | Economy

The dual professional training, which combines teaching in educational centers and training in the company, is breaking through little by little in Spain. This type of training itinerary is very popular in Germany and some Spanish companies start to implement it. An example of this is the Talentia program, which has presented Volkswagen this Tuesday at its Leganés Training Center. The company has reached an agreement with institutes in Madrid, Catalonia and Galicia to organize dual FP programs for automotive students. The company wants to train 1,500 students over the next five years to join the company's network of concessionaires and official services.

The program has already started last September. A group of 85 students in Madrid, Catalonia and Galicia receive the dual Volkswagen FP from this course. "This year they attend classes with their teachers at the institute and next year they will do paid internships", explained Luis Ignacio Fatjo, one of the people in charge of Talentia. The president of Volkswagen Group Spain Distribución, Francisco Pérez Botello, stated during the presentation of the program that the objective is to extend these dual FP agreements to the rest of the Autonomous Communities and to different job profiles. "Our network of dealers is asking us to train sales people and after-sales service assistants," affirmed Fatjo.

Volkswagen has invested four million euros in the Training Center of Leganés, where courses are given for their employees and where students of the Talentia program will be trained. These facilities are equipped to perform interventions on electric vehicles. "We are aware of the profound change that is coming in the automotive sector", Pérez Botello explained during the presentation. In 2018 the company invested 10.5 million euros in the training of its own workers, according to Perez Botello commented at the event on Tuesday.

Students who complete the Volkswagen dual FP program will earn the minimum salary during their internship at the company. "After the training period students can choose where they want to work, but of course we would like them to stay in Volkswagen," said Fatjo. This person in charge explained that the students who enter the program have passed an interview and "they are the best".

Pérez Botello has stated that Volkswagen wants to help reduce the bulging rate of youth unemployment in Spain, which is the second highest in the European Union only behind Greece. "As a society we have to fight against youth unemployment, the figures are unacceptable," he asserted during the presentation.


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