August 6, 2020

Volkswagen creates joint venture with Aeris, leader in internet of things

Volkswagen (VW) announced on Wednesday the creation of Ventic, a joint venture with Aeris, one of the leaders in the internet of things, for the development of connected vehicle technologies.

The announcement is another sign of the interest of companies in the automotive sector to be at the head of a technology that experts point to will be basic for transport in the coming years.

Precisely today, Audi also announced that it will initiate tests of its V2X system, or “vehicle to everything”, which allows vehicles to communicate with traffic and all the surrounding elements through communications. Short distance radio.

Audi will conduct its tests with a limited number of units of the Q8 model in collaboration with the chip manufacturer Qualcomm and the Virginia Department of Transportation (USA).

In the case of Ventic, VW will be the majority partner, with 51% of the shareholding, while Aeris will have the remaining 49%, the car company said in a statement.

The first results of the collaboration between VW and Aeris will begin to be seen in the coming months with the arrival of the new generation of the Car-Net infotainment system that will equip the 2020 models of the automaker in North America.

Volkswagen said it anticipates a future in which cars will be connected to the Internet continuously so the car manufacturer needs a “flexible platform” that adapts to different regions or vehicle models.

“Volkswagen is committed to connected vehicle technology as we see a future in which cars will be 100% connected all the time,” said Abdallah Shanti, global director of information systems for the Volkswagen brand.

“Our connectivity platform goes beyond remote services and vehicle safety. This platform has inherent flexibility that allows new business models through integration with third parties and is essential for V2X communications,” Shanti added.

For his part, the general director of marketing of Aeris, Raj Kanaya, said that “the connected vehicle is the center of revolutionary trends in the sector: autonomous, electric and shared vehicles. Through Ventic, we are excited to share this adventure with Volkswagen. “


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