Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Volkswagen calls for a long-term state pact to ensure the Spanish engine

Volkswagen pide un pacto de estado a largo plazo para asegurar el motor español

"We want to be the engine, or rather, the drums, of the transformation of the sector in Spain" This has been one of the strength ideas that has been released on Tuesday Luca de Meo, the maximum representative of the group's brands in Spain and president of Seat during the first press conference of the companies of the Volkswagen Group in Spain.

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To move that engine or battery is needed just over 1.3 billion euros that the group claims to have invested in R & D in 2018 or "the billions" that, as De Meo said, will invest the group in production plants , its new designs for hybrid and electric vehicles and even for the new sustainable mobility strategies such as car sharing. In addition, to overcome with satisfaction the technological, environmental and productive challenge facing the manufacture of vehicles requires, as De Meo has requested, "a State pact".

Spain can repeat the auto miracle again "

"We are facing a historic transformation, Spain can repeat the automotive miracle that it already achieved with the combustion vehicle, to continue the miracle and become a leading country in the new mobility. This requires a long-term commitment to the sector and stop putting stones on the wheels, "warned the Volkswagen CEO.

The representatives of the Volkswagen brands in Spain, this Tuesday in Madrid

The representatives of the Volkswagen brands in Spain, this Tuesday in Madrid
(Europa Press / EP)

From the Volkswagen Group have even put number to the effect of political and economic uncertainties. The difficulty of choosing the car to buy, the bad press generated on the diesel and even the different policies applied on vehicle regulations and mobility decisions have caused a decrease in the sale of vehicles of 25,000 units.

At the time, he recalled that it is a task for everyone because it is a sector that contributes 10% of GDP, directly employs 24,500 people and indirectly 182,000, 1% of all employment in the country.


The turnover of the Volkswagen Group in Spain grew by 6.2% in 2018

The companies that make up the German Volkswagen automobile consortium reached revenues of 18,465 million euros in Spain during the past year, which represents an increase of 6.2% over the previous year, and is equivalent to 1.5% of national GDP. As announced by De Meo, these firms closed 2018 with investments and expenses in R & D of 1,300 million euros.

The company, which described this commitment to R & D as "formidable", ranks as the first industrial investor in this matter in Spain, with a penetration of 4.7% over the national total.

Given these data, De Meo said that the corporation wants to be "the engine" of the transformation of the sector in Spain and highlighted the "solid commitment" of the consortium with tangible projects in terms of sustainability, as well as mobility and digitization solutions, with the aim of being a "reference" for a new mobility, socially responsible and respectful of the environment.

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