Volcanoes that left their mark: Santorini

I have arrived on a cruise to the island of Thera (or Thira, which is written in both ways) and now called Santorini, which seems to be a deformation of the name of Saint Helena that the Venetians gave to the island at some point in the history. In fact, the original name is not known since Thera comes from the fact that it was a Spartan colony founded in the 9th century BC. Lawrence Durrell in his book on the Greek islands calls it Santorín. In any case, it is a fashionable place for tourism and an unavoidable stopover for all the large ships that with thousands of passengers sail the summers between the Adriatic and the Bosphorus without caring that they are on a line of great seismic activity. It is the ridge that was formed when the African plate went under the Euro-Asiatic in a process of subduction, accumulating magma and energy, so it would not be unusual for it to return to its old ways at any time. .

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