Vodafone entered 1,030 million euros in Spain in its first fiscal quarter, 3.8% more



Vodafone entered 1,030 million euros in Spain between April and June, the first quarter of its fiscal year, which means an increase of 3.8% compared to the same period last year. In detail, service revenues reached 925 million euros, an increase of 0.8%.

The company explained that service revenues grew thanks to the progressive recovery of revenues from roaming and visitors. They also benefited from a better comparison with the previous year due to Covid-19 restrictions on the first lockdown, as well as customer support initiatives. However, this growth was partially offset by continued price competition.

The operator ended the second quarter of the year with a total of 13.3 million mobile clients and 3.1 million fixed clients. “We are satisfied to have completed the first quarter with an improvement in service revenue compared to the previous year, although the trend in commercial activity continues to be marked by strong competitive intensity and a market drift towards low value” said Colman Deegan, CEO of Vodafone Spain.

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