Vodafone closes all its own stores in Spain

Vodafone has announced this Tuesday that it will close the 34 of its own stores in Spain and that it will reduce the Employment Regulation File (ERE) by six employees that it announced on September 15. The company has proposed 33 days per year worked with a maximum of 24 monthly payments as compensation, as well as the possibility of early retirement for those over 56 years of age in their first meeting with the unions. The operator will continue in the stores of external distributors that market different brands of telephony and will boost sales in the digital channel.

Vodafone and Orange assume losses, layoffs and value cuts in Spain hiding in the price war

Vodafone and Orange assume losses, layoffs and value cuts in Spain hiding in the price war

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According to union sources have transferred to Europa Press, the Vodafone proposal requires 10 years of seniority to qualify for early retirement with an income equivalent to 80% of salary. This group (the one susceptible to early retirement) would not reach a hundred employees, according to union calculations.

The operator’s proposal has not pleased the union representation, who have predicted a “long” and hard “negotiation, since, for example, this proposal is well below the between 56 and 62 days without limits signed in Orange on last August.

Likewise, the slight reduction in layoffs with respect to the initial proposal has been taken “not as a gesture, but as an improvisation” that responds to the “lack of judgment” of the management. More than 200 workers work in their own stores and will be one of the groups most affected by the ERE.

For its part, the company has transferred its “maximum respect for the social dialogue procedure”, which will be carried out “with all the guarantees established by Spanish law for workers.”

“Our goal is to reach the best possible agreement for both the employees and the company, as we have always done in the past,” said Vodafone in a statement, in which it points out that the adjustment in the commercial area is “a step further in the process of transforming the company “.


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