Vodafone asks unions to outsource their own stores




Vodafone has raised this Thursday to the unions the externalization of its 34 own stores, which represent 5% of the more than 600 establishments linked to the operator, and which are the bulk of the workforce reduction proposed by the company. This week unions and the company have already sat at the table twice, to determine the scope and conditions of the ERE of 509 people announced on September 15. The operator has not clarified the specific formula with which it would be done, although with this movement it intends to lessen the impact of the ERE.

From UGT, majority in the works council, Diego Gallart has explained that outsourcing requires “A host company” and that it would involve the transfer of all the resources and personnel. “Employees leave with seniority and their working conditions,” he pointed out. In any case, also according to the Workers’ Commissions, the company has not yet specified the exact formula and will study it with the distribution.

The example of Telefónica

In any case, in the minds of the unions, there is the case of Telefónica, which concentrated all its own stores in a new company within the group called ‘Telyco’. What they fear from the UGT is that it is «a subterfuge to look good, eliminate the costs of compensation and then we’ll see ». That is to say, that the personnel of the outsourced own stores lose their jobs in the short term.

From Workers Commissions This movement has generated greater doubts about the future plans of the company and they have recalled that this is the fourth ERE in eight years. In his opinion, “a much more in-depth analysis is necessary for such a serious decision” as that of reducing staff. Regarding the proposal of the stores, he has shown his perplexity because his sale is being considered at the same time that the ERE has been justified by its low productivity. How are they going to do it? They have not explained it », have pointed from Commissions. It should be remembered that the bulk of the cut falls on the 237 employees who work in the operator’s 34 stores.

New business model

For this union, more explanations are needed from the company and it has pointed out that, if a new business model is needed, «Vodafone’s workforce is fully prepared: you can involve her in a training plan on new technologies ». In this sense, they have pointed out that the future agreement guarantees future viability “and that within two years there will not be another ERE: It cannot be.” In his opinion, the company now does not guarantee the sought stability of employment and quality.

For their part, from UGT, they have added that the report released by the company to justify these adjustments generates “Well-founded doubts” and he recalled that it is the same consultant who already intervened in the previous ERE of 2019. In any case, both unions prefer to seek to reduce the number of affected people as much as possible and that they leave with conditions that allow them face the search for a new job with ease. Both parties will meet again next Wednesday, October 13.

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