Vizcarra will dissolve the Peruvian Congress if the trust issue is not prioritized

If the Congress of Peru does not immediately proceed with the issue of trust requested by the Executive, or if it continues previously with the controversial process of electing members to the Constitutional Court (TC), the Government will act "with the Constitution" and dissolve the camera.

This was noted on Sunday by Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra in an interview with the Fourth Power program.

The president issued that categorical warning to the Legislative Power, dominated by the Fujimorist opposition and its right and extreme right allies, just hours before the plenary session in which, as planned, said election will take place.

"If the appointment of the judges of the Constitutional Court is voted before (the motion of confidence), I will consider that the issue of trust was denied," Vizcarra said.

With his words, the president of Peru laid the groundwork for a political confrontation of serious consequences on Monday, as, according to the Constitution, the denial of the issue of trust would enable the president to dissolve Parliament and call new elections .

Opposition lawmakers have already announced that they would consider that action unconstitutional and that would lead to a constitutional crisis that the TC would be obliged to resolve.

That body is at the center of the controversy after Fujimori deputies and their allies, taking advantage of their control of the chamber, promoted an "express" renewal and lack of transparency in the election of candidates, as indicated by the Government and the parties not related to Fujimori.

The Prime Minister, Salvador del Solar, presented a question of trust last Friday linked to a project to modify the election of the judges of the highest interpretation body of the Constitution of Peru.

Initiatives of the seriousness of a question of trust must receive priority treatment in Parliament, although on the official agenda only a meeting of the Board of Spokesmen was collected for Monday first thing in the morning followed by a plenary session "to elect the magistrates of the Constitutional Court. "

"If we deny confidence, we would have to act according to the Constitution," the president insisted, stressing that he will not hesitate to decree the dissolution of Parliament and call new elections.

Vizcarra, who according to the polls has overwhelming citizen support in his struggle with Congress, said it would be an "aggression against the whole country" if the chamber decided to proceed with the election of magistrates.

Precisely while Vizcarra spoke on television several social organizations concentrated, with candles and posters in hand, in front of Congress in a vigil in rejection of what they considered "to distribute" the Constitutional Court.

With songs like "And it will fall, and it will fall, this Congress will fall", dozens of citizens expressed themselves in the historic center of Lima against the way in which legislators are trying to carry out the renewal of magistrates.

"We think that in these 48 hours the future of the democracy of our country is played, so we are monitoring the Congress," Diana Miloslavich of the feminist NGO Flora Tristán explained to Peruvian television while protesting in front of the legislature.

On the other hand, Vizcarra affirmed to be "willing and with all the firmness to go until the last consequences for the benefit of Peru" in this fight.

"We are not going to defend my role or the position of president, which is perhaps the most important position of the State, but the performance of this position involves this type of risk that I assume without any problem," he said in reference to the answer that could give Congress come the end of driving a presidential vacancy.

In that sense, the president asked to "focus well" on who is fighting "the battle" that he believes is taking place in the country.

"If we reduce it to congressmen and president, we are reducing its magnitude. This is about fighting corruption, armor and an immunity that is used as impunity. Behind the request for transparency to elect the members of the TC is the population, not the president and some ministers alone. "

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