April 14, 2021

Vizcarra denies "categorically" that his Government makes illegal eavesdropping

Vizcarra denies "categorically" that his Government makes illegal eavesdropping

The president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, said today that his government denies "categorically" that he makes illegal telephone interceptions, after former President Alan García denounced on Wednesday alleged eavesdropping on the outskirts of his home.

Vizcarra said the complaint was made while Congress approved a bill that supposedly favors politicians investigated for the alleged illegal financing of their electoral campaigns.

"What a coincidence (that this norm) was approved while a supposed illegal telephone interception was denounced, this the Minister of the Interior was in charge of denying categorically", commented the governor during the inauguration of the Annual International Conference for Integrity, organized by the Comptroller's Office .

Alan Garcia reported eavesdropping in the vicinity of his house, after a group of his supporters detected a van of the National Police (PNP) with alleged equipment to make interceptions of their communications.

The exmandatario (1985-1990 and 2006-2011), who is being investigated for alleged money laundering by the bribes of the Odebrecht company during his second government, added that this fact "says very little of the rule of law in Peru."

After this complaint, the Interior Minister, Carlos Moran, declared that there was "nothing irregular" in the presence of the police vehicle in the vicinity of the house of the leader of the Aprista Party and that it was to provide security to the exmandatario, while guaranteeing There are no eavesdropping equipment in the truck.

Moran appeared today before the Congress Defense Committee, where he assured that the vehicle was sent to the site after receiving a request from Garcia's secretary, Ricardo Pinedo.

"I am surprised and outraged by the position taken by Mr. Pinedo, because on Monday when he was denied asylum to former President Alan García, he phoned me and we had a conversation in which I guaranteed him, as Minister of the Interior and part of this government, that the security of President García was going to be in charge of this sector and the PNP, "he said.

Garcia's lawyer, Erasmo Reyna, admitted that the ex -mandante's representatives asked for security in the vicinity of his house, although he insisted that the vehicle did not have equipment to shoot, but that "everything indicates that they obey to carry out some kind of listening".

The newspaper "La República" noted that a prosecutor reviewed the vehicle and found hearing aids, monitors, an antenna and a drone, among other devices, that allow a visual record, but not interception of audio.

Garcia received last Monday Uruguay's refusal to request asylum, after declaring a political persecution after a judge ordered that he be prevented from leaving the country due to investigations into the bribes given by Odebrecht for the construction of the Line 1 of the Lima Metro.


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