Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Vivica Genoux, gorgoritos a gogó

Vivica Genoux, gorgoritos a gogó

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«Memory of Farinelli». Works by Porpora, Torri, Vivaldi, Broschi, Giacomelli and Hasse. Mezzo-soprano: Vivica Genaux. The Musiciens du Louvre. Violin and director: Thibault Noally. Theater of the Zarzuela. Madrid, 9-IV-2019.

Lately the castrati repertoire is very fashionable like Senesino or Farinelli. In large part it is due to the recoveries made by Cecilia Bartoli both in concerts and on records. However, more than fifteen years ago, the mezzo Vivica Genoux also unveiled a CD centered on this same repertoire. He has returned to his latest show «Memoria de Farinelli», with a series of arias dominated by the vocal display of his impressive abilities for agility, but also some slower ones in which to show another of his characteristics such as the dramatic expressiveness Between them, as usual, there is an instrumental passage by this excellent group, Les Musiciens du Louvre, but this time they did not have their best night under the direction of the violinist Thibault Noally. The singer put the audience in her pocket already with the first of the arias - "Vo 'che in mezzo del furore" by Torri - with her gestures to denote the effort she was making to brilliantly carry out so much coloratura. Then, at the beginning of the second part, even more when she laughed at herself about the "Elvis Presley" dress-the Farinelli of the fifties, according to her-of the dress she took out. It would be useless to try to highlight some of the very demanding pieces addressed, but perhaps "Sposa ... non mi conosci", by Giacomelli, similar to "Sposa are disprezzata" from Vivaldiano's "Bajazet" or the last tip "Agitata da due venti" from "La Griselda" by that same composer. Vivica Genaux is not really a mezzo but rather a short soprano, which is perceived in the color of the treble and in the timbre of the bass, neither does the voice possess a voice of beauty or exceptional flow, but an admirable technique for agility and with it swept. The audience was delivered from beginning to end and the cheers abounded.


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