May 13, 2021

Vittorio Gregotti, architect of the Barcelona Olympic Stadium, dies of coronavirus

The essayist and critic was 92 years old and died of pneumonia aggravated by the virus.

The architect, essayist and critic Vittorio Gregotti, author of the Barcelona Olympic Stadium and Olympic Ring and considered one of the most influential minds in 20th century Italian architecture, has died in Milan as a result of pneumonia aggravated by coronavirus.

The architect’s death has been confirmed by the President of the Triennale, Stefano Boeri. “A master of international architecture is leaving in these dark hours,” he has written on social networks, at a time when the coronavirus is priming with the Lombardy region, where it has caused almost a thousand deaths.

Gregotti, born in 1927 in Novara, was an internationally renowned urban planner, and sole architect of the generation of intellectuals known as Group 63, including the writer and semiologist Umberto Eco. Among the more than 1,000 projects that spanned his Careers in Italy and abroad include the northern expansion area of ​​Palermo, the Belém Cultural Center in Lisbon; the science department of the University of Palermo or the headquarters of the University of Calabria.

Among his most outstanding publications are ‘The territory of architecture’ or ‘The visible city’, although he was publishing until last year, with his latest work, ‘The profession of architect’.


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