May 17, 2021

‘Visionaria 2021’ opens the period for receiving works under the slogan ‘Ultraperiferia’

The 11th edition of the Visionary Film Contest-Exhibition, Island Concepts opened yesterday its period of reception of works, which will last until June 18. This event, organized by the Vertigo Film Association, takes the form of a short film competition in which filmmakers from all over the world are invited to participate to express their artistic-creative vision of the «island», in relation to a A theme that changes every year and that, on this occasion, will be «ultra-periphery».

Due to the complex situation caused by the health crisis, this edition will once again be held online, and appeals – as always – to the nature of Visionaria as a space for audiovisual meeting and reflection for filmmakers.

The short films must have a duration between one minute and one and a half minutes and the rest of the bases, as well as the Registration Form are available on the Vertigo website. The finalist short films can be seen from July 5 on the YouTube channel of the Vertigo Film Association, where they will remain on display for a week.


Among all the short films participating in Visionaria. Conceptos de Isla, a jury made up of three people of recognized prestige in the field of culture will decide which works are the winners in the four categories of the contest, which are delivered solely and exclusively to the director.

The categories are: Award for the Best Short Film, with an endowment of 600 gross euros; Prize for the second best short film, with an endowment of 300 gross euros; Special Jury Prize, with a distinction consisting of a diploma; and the Audience Award, with an endowment of 250 gross euros to the work that obtains the highest number of positive evaluations on the Vertigo Film Association’s YouTube channel, during the week in which the finalist works will be available.


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