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"From creators of The paper house"It's a label that sells a lot but can also play against. The jetty, the new series by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato, in this case for Movistar +, were high. They already warned: this has nothing to do with the thriller of robberies that premiered Antena 3 and whose passage to Netflix became a worldwide phenomenon. The jetty It does not have that easy sale: a thriller emotional, in which the attachment of the spectators has to come through the feelings and not so much of the action. A decompensated love triangle and the death of a man who discovers the double life he has maintained for years.

Once seen the eight episodes of his first season (of the two that he will have), The jetty It has many good things and some improvements. We analyze the series without entering spoilers of the argument.


- Good start

It is very difficult not to continue seeing The jetty after his first chapter. From the point of view of Alejandra (Verónica Sánchez) we introduce ourselves in this dual world of Valencia capital and La Albufera. Her husband, Óscar (Álvaro Morte), is found dead in his car in La Albufera in what seems like a suicide. A second mobile phone discovers a double life with Verónica (Irene Arcos), a woman who lives a few kilometers from the city with which Óscar has maintained a life totally different from the one she had with Alejandra. That discovery leads Alex to want to know more about that woman to try to find out who Oscar really was. In addition, viewers are already given to understand that suicide may not have been such. We need more.

- Emotional journey

From that chapter 1 starts an emotional journey in which the viewer goes hand in hand with Alejandra, Verónica and even Óscar in a constant change of point of view and with infinite jumps in time to gradually complete the puzzle of the life of this love triangle. The more you delve into the emotions and feelings of the characters, the better the series works. For this, it is essential to have good actors capable of transmitting that emotional roller coaster. A powerful female cast (Veronica Sanchez, Irene Arcos, Marta Milans, Cecilia Roth ...) manages to convey that sentimental swing.

Virtues and shortcomings of 'El embarcadero'

- Visual bet

One of the things that most attract attention to the naked eye The jetty it's the visual care, the formal aspect. The two universes of Alejandra and Verónica are perfectly differentiated with the different light, colder, bluish, for the first and warmer and yellowish for the second, which almost recalls those summer announcements of Estrella Damm de Mediterranean in which all sing, laugh and dream by the sea in dreamlike scenes. The series also shows an idyllic Albufera, a travel brochure, and takes advantage of the positive qualities of the place.

- Opening

The headers of the series help create an environment for what comes next. And a good musical theme in those few seconds is fundamental. In The jetty, along with almost dreamlike images, the song sounds Coyotes, by Travis Birds, and the viewer is transported instantly to another place and acquires the necessary attitude to enter the world that reflects the series.

- Production model

The Spanish television has lived in recent years a revolution that is evident especially in the world of fiction. Y The jetty it is an example of that change in the production model. Atresmedia Studios (producer of the owner group of Antena 3) is in charge of this fiction as a producer for a paid television platform, Movistar +, which premieres all the episodes of each season at the same time. It is also the last series that Álex Pina signs before moving on to create for Netflix exclusively. The future of the series is already present.


- The plot

Empowering the emotional side of the story causes the plot to be left out, the thriller background. Yes, it's Oscar's death / suicide / murder is just an excuse, but throughout the eight chapters of this first season, that investigation is hardly advanced and it reaches a point where, as a spectator, you are hoping that, at least, Something happens before the season ends. Spoiler: it happens little. The plot of the series is possibly its weakest flank.

Virtues and shortcomings of 'El embarcadero'

- Abuse of flashback and the nudes

The whole story is told through temporary comings and goings, with a montage that takes you from one character to another, from one moment to another and from one situation to another so that in your head you can ride the puzzle of emotions that has been cooked in the characters. Although the integration of flashbacks is well made (and is not new in Pina's series: in The paper house or Vis a vis there was already a lot of leap in time well executed), it ends up abusing the resource. Something similar can be said about the nudes in the series. Some of them are difficult to justify more than saying that it is a payment series and you can afford it.

- Overexplication

It does not happen once, not twice, not three times. On several occasions, characters in the series verbalize what is happening so that the viewer knows well what they already know. That overexplantation, which is usually seen in the open series, also sneaks in The jetty especially with secondary characters that explain what the protagonists do. At the moment, it does not make much sense that Alejandra's mother (eye, spoiler) is writing a book about what is happening to her daughter. Again, through his words, what happens is explained.


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