Virtual reality glasses to raise awareness about networks or prevent harassment

Virtual reality glasses to raise awareness about networks or prevent harassment

The cultural and social association Trib-Arte is committed to integrating new technologies into the educational system with tools such as virtual reality glasses to "hook" adolescents and raise awareness about the use of social networks or prevent bullying.

Two members of this entity, the Canarian social worker Roberto Abelleira and the Asturian computer developer Javier Romera, participated in Logroño in the international seminar "Young people, diverse realities, professional answers" organized by the Fundación Pioneros.

This association – formed in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria by a team of professionals from the educational, social and artistic fields – bases its projects on "technology, values ​​and people", although Romera has told Efe that each one of their jobs are "personalized" and adapts to the participants.

Among the latest pedagogical projects that have developed, Romera has cited the staging of a violent situation experienced by adolescents from three different points of view: as an observer, victim and abuser, who then "relives" with virtual reality glasses.

This allows a stalker to get "in the skin" of a victim, but to "capture the attention of young people" they have to wear the glasses "as an excuse" and then keep the tension and "curiosity" throughout the session educational, in which other values ​​are worked on.

This technique has been used to prevent bullying and to work in cases of filioparental violence, Abelleira detailed, but could be applied to any type of violent behavior.

In addition, they are currently developing another educational project to, through a virtual game, raise awareness among adolescents about the situation of refugees, a global phenomenon that works at the local level.

"The educational system currently uses twentieth century formats to solve 21st century situations with the tools of the last century, so Trib-Arte has considered another way of doing things," he explained.

Thus, he has detailed that teachers, who are "digital immigrants" are training "digital natives", who have more information, predisposition and attitude to use new technologies.

For this reason, Romera explained that in Trib-Arte they are also in charge of "training, supporting and advising" the teaching staff, because their pedagogical capacity of the last century "is no longer valid" to attract the attention of the students.

Trib-Arte has also used virtual reality glasses as a means to generate emotions among elderly people with Alzheimer's, to whom they put photos of different stages of their lives.

In addition, the result of chance, three years ago they met Horacio Dorta, a man of more than seventy years who was the last Canarian who knew the method of marine hutches as a means of weather forecasting, so they decided to record their knowledge so that Do not miss this oral tradition.

Thanks to this meeting the "Globe Project" was born, which has been applied in the educational centers of Tenerife, which also allowed the recovery of the historical cultural heritage of the Canary Islands through new technologies.

By Rebeca Palacios


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