Viral | The networks want to expel the Grancanaria Eli from OT for "macarra" - La Provincia

Mobilization in social networks by fans ofTriumph operation, which ask for the expulsion of one of the contestants of the program under the hashtag#expulsiondisciplinariaElior#ELIminated, one of the two grancanarias of this edition.

All this due to itseli behaviorand continued disrespect towards their peers. Everything has been shared on social networks in the form of videos that scandalize followers, not accustomed to seeing contestants of this profile.

Naomi Galera, director of the Academy, gave a reprimand to the contestants for the lack of order, cleanliness and for not taking the micro passes seriously enough.

But he also referred to the lack of respect among colleagues who have been given, making clear reference to the controversy of Eli, although without citing it: "I sometimes hear things, conversations or see actions, what I would get is to go up and say: 'Let's see, what do you do?'. But I understand that everyone is of legal age and everyone has their own way of working and their ideas, and I will respect it.".


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