Viral | The life lesson of Canarian Aya in Got Talent: "I suffered bulimia and music saved my life" - La Provincia

"Music is a fundamental pillar of my life. I suffered from an eating disorder called bulimia and during all the years in which I lived alone, music was the only thing I had", said Aya, a 17-year-old Canarian who participated Monday in the eighth edition of 'Got talent'.

The young island sang a version of the famous'Hello', fromAdele, with which he captivated both the public and the jury.

"I would destroy myself. I didn't think about anything other than eating and then vomiting. For me bulimia was my toxic relief, but music is saving my life"Aya said in his cover letter on the 'talent show' on Telecinco.

After his performance he captivated the jury: "You are going to get everything you want because you have come out of a very large well like bulimia", he claimedPaz Padilla.

"When people get mad at me I always tell them that I am trying to defend the square for people who deserve it. You are the one who gives meaning to my work. Thanks, Aya"he addedRisto Mejide.

Although he did not achieve the golden button, he got a challenge that few achieve:the four 'yeses' of the jury.


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