Viral | La Grancanaria Na sing along with Estrella Morente - La Provincia

Nia's performance at the fifth gala of this new edition of 'Operation Triunfo (OT)'already part of the history of the Academy. ANDThe fact that the teachers gave the young Canarian the theme of Beyoncé 'Run the world (girls)', he foreshadowed that the performance was going to mark a before and after, and so it has been. And as a reward he will sing with a special guest at the next gala. Nothing more and nothing less than withMorente Star.

The contestant will be able to perform next Sunday next to the flamenco star the classic 'return'. "We understood that you wanted something quiet to rest for a week and we have listened to your request," explained the director of the Academy to the contestant, thatHe will also have to sing with his partner Jesus the song 'The Last Night' by Luis Miguel.

In the gala last Sunday,GirlNot only was he able to endorse the theme of the American, but his explosive interpretation already placed her as the winner of this new edition ofOT 2020. The young woman managed to set up a large part of the audience attending the program and the jury, who broke up in praise when assessing the interpretation of the Canary Islands. One day after the broadcast of the musical talent program ofSpanish Television, Internet users continue with the debate on the interpretation of Nia.

"They are major words", Galera told the contestant, that last week" made history "in the words of the director with her performance of 'Run the world'from Beyoncé. The theme is already around 900,000 views on YouTube, becoming one of the 'hits' of this edition of the contest.

In addition, the Grancanaria recentlyHe delighted the Canary Islands by composing a theme with space dedication to the Islands-see the heading of this news-.


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