Violence in soccer, a problem in Latin America

Violence in soccer, a problem in Latin America

The pitched battle in the stands and on the pitch between fans of the teams from soccer Queretaro and Atlas has brought to the Mexican courts the logic of a violence that is recurrent in Latin American stadiums. The cruelty that the images have shown cannot, on the other hand, be separated from a ferocious daily life that, at the hands of organized crime, has caused in that country 100,000 fatalities in the last three years alone. Despite such social drama, Mexicowhich was already in charge of the 1970 and 1986 World Cups, should organize the 2026 Cup together with the United States and Canada.

According to the governor of the Querétaro region, Mauricio Curi, what happened this Saturday at the facilities of La Corregidora left 26 injured, of which 19 have already been discharged. "Although there are no deaths, we can't say it's not a tragedy and we cannot allow it to become politicized." His words immediately aroused suspicion. "The problem is that we live in a country where the president (Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador) rejects a murder with his hand on his waist despite the fact that there is a video with citizens being shot outside a house that acts as a firing squad; This is how it is understood why the fans doubt the authorities who assure that there are no deaths despite the Dantesque scenes. Me I can't be convinced there are no deceased fans just because a governor says so," said Carlos Ponce de León, a columnist for the daily Record.

suspension of championships

The League decided to momentarily suspend its official championships. The Federation "regrets and condemns the events that occurred in Querétaro." In turn, he promised "we will monitor and assist in the investigation process with the corresponding authorities." The media reported that it is being evaluated to disaffiliate Querétaro until the end of this contest due to its main responsibility in the episodes that were recorded in The corrector 10 minutes into the second half, when local fans attacked the few supporters of the rival team, who were winning by one goal, with kicks, blows and forceful elements.

"We have canceled the services of the private security company GESK9, contracted by Club Querétaro; and we have suspended five public officials. There will be no impunity," Governor Kuri assured. Part of the perplexity that these events still cause at this time have to do with police passivity and with an even more disturbing fact: for now there are neither uniformed officers nor detained officials. "They all failed. ...there is no doubt that in our country we live our own wars and this was just as serious as the execution of people in Michoacán”, said Ulises Gómez, of the Queretaro Newspaper.

For now, a judicial investigation has been opened that seeks to determine the probable links between members of the porras, as they call the brave bars, with the criminal gangs. Some specialists highlight the similarities between the behaviors of violent Mexican groups in stadiums and those of other South American countries, especially Argentines, to the point of having appropriate to their songs.

Incidents in Brazil and Uruguay

Along with the incidents in Mexico, a fight between fans of Atlético Mineiro and Cruzeiro left at least one dead and one gunshot wounded in Brazil this Sunday. On February 24, two Bahia players were also injured after an explosive device was thrown at the team bus. A week later, a group of Paraná fans invaded the pitch of Vila Capanema, in Curitiba, with the intention of attacking the players of his team. In addition, the Gremio bus was stoned by fans of Internacional, its closest rival in Porto Alegre, leaving several players injured.

In Uruguay, meanwhile, the fifth date of the Opening Tournament after the threats received by the referees during the matches between Nacional-Torque and Peñarol-Danubio. The one of the violence in the courts is a regional problem.

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